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Rikki Moses Raccoon and Raccoons and Skunks


Random Pictures

contractor ?

You don't have to hire a carpenter, Mom! I'll build my own pet door.

movin      my Mom

Mom says I'm too big to carry so we play this game.    She drags me.

helpin      what's in here


It sure was nice of mom to leave this ham in there for me.

cookie search

Baby Cole      

I took Baby Cole out of his crib so I could play with him.

A visit with Travis .

These are members of our family. I like to play with them.
They are Jon Tabor, Prior Esker, Sharese, and Shawano Stubbie Shorttail on the left.

Rikki Moses and boys     skunkies

Shawano Stubbie Shorttail - Prior Esker - Jon Tabor on the right.

skunkies      skunkies

This is Shawano Stubbie Shorttail and Sharese eating breakfast
Boy are they messy !

This is Prince Aaron_Jackson. He is a cream albino. He's fun!!! He thinks he is a coon like me. HEE HEE!!!

And Princess Nonie. She is brown and white. Nonie is a real little skunkie, but she thinks she is big like me. HEE HEE!! Aaron and Nonie came to live with us in Aug. 2000.

But I told mom, 'no more skunkies'!!!

I like to lay on the coffee table where it is warm.
The sun sure is bright on my eyes, but mom came up with this neat idea!

my cool shades

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