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Rikki Moses Raccoon and Raccoons and Skunks


Meet My Little Brother
- Jordan Andrew -

Baby Jordan

Jordan Andrew (Jordy) came to live with us on May 27th, 2000. He was about 7 or 8 weeks old.
He doesn't look like me because he is a blond raccoon.     I didn't want him.
I didn't think I needed a baby brother but Mom didn't listen to me and got him anyway.

I wouldn't go in the room where he was for a few days, but then mom let me hold hom.

He's cute

So now if you'll just sit back and relax like me....


Here's my baby brother!!!!

Like this RM ?

Hey, Rikki Moses! Am I sittin' right ? I'm learnin'

Pat and RJ

Rikki Moses says RJ always puts candy in his pockets for him.
I wonder if he will give me candy when I get bigger ?

coonie purse    coonie hat

Now I'm a mop !

Now I'm a mop !    This is fun !

Where's my blankies ?

Rikki Moses never climbed curtians! He tried to pull me off! HEE HEE!

Is my bottle an' bowl in here, mommie?"


Ear Cleaning      Little Pest

I love my big brother ! My Mom says he has lots of patience. Whatever that means.

Prince Aaron-Jackson Skunk (Aaron) and I have lots of fun.
He's cool ! We chase each other and wrestle.

Aaron and Jordy playing      playin in the water

It sure is fun playin' with ice cubes.    Thanks Mom !

Oklahoma visitors

These people came all the way from Oklahoma to visit Rikki Moses and me.
I hid and Mom and Uncle Richard looked for me for about 3 hours !

Jordy hiding

I hid up here    hee hee hee !

These neighbor kids come to see me and Rikki Moses.

Mom told me to put this song on here, Little darlin, Pal Of Mine, cause Jordy is so little. Boy does he have her fooled!!!

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