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Rikki Moses Raccoon and Raccoons and Skunks


More Jordy

room service

I, Rikki Moses Raccoon, am allowed certain privileges - Like having my meals delivered to me.
Of course I had to huff and puff and pout some......but it works.

where's my dinner ?      fridge

I'll just sit on this butter bowl till Mom decides to fix my dinner !
Or maybe I'll raid the fridge and find what I want !

how's this work ?

but if I can figure out how to get this door open......I'll just go to McDonalds !

While he's getting his food taken to him, I guess I'll just have to fix my own!

come here sugar      cleanin up the mess

UH OH!    Gotta clean this mess up before Mom sees it !
Should I clean the table or the chair first ?

oops, Mom !

our pet door

I wonder what Rikki Moses has stashed in here ?

makin Jordy mind !

When Jordy gets into trouble Mom calls him JOR-DAN and brings him to me.
And sometimes a big brother's just gotta do what a big brother's gotta do!

Mom had me put this song on here. My Special Angel. Geesh. I say he still has mom fooled. Besides, everyone knows that I'm the special angel around here!!!

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