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Rikki Moses Raccoon and Raccoons and Skunks


Footprints In Life

My Mom says my "footprints" get me into all kinds of trouble.

But gee!!! I am a raccoon!! What does she expect??? HEE HEE

My Footprints

Mom put some stuff on my foot and hand and pushed them onto a piece of paper that she had taped to a little board. She made my foot print and hand print. She said they do that to human babies when they are born and each print is different. I wonder if my prints are different from other raccoons ! She laughed because it tickled and I wiggled my toes. I was eight months old when she made these prints. I wish she had thought of it when I was tiny.

I would like to see how big my feet were then.

Here is some of the trouble I have gotten into ! hee hee

Wow, dirt        Wow, dirt

hmmmm      hmmmm

The drawing in the picture on the wall is of me and my dog Spencer by Chase, age 7

One of my hobbies


I go thith aygayer. Wonna wha elth ith in here ?
(Translation:   I got this alligator. Wonder what else is in here ?)

Jessica and me

Hee Hee Hee ! I treed Jessica ! I treed Jessica ! Nah nanah nanah nah !

Me and Lori at work

Drawing by Lori and printed out by ME ! ! Rikki Moses, when I was playing with the computer mouse

I played 'musical chairs' with these kids. Hee hee.

I have been working very hard on these web pages. I think I will now take a break.

Watchin tv        Watchin tv

What a great life !

I just love watchin' animal shows !

PET TIP: PLEASE keep you pets confined in a kennel, fenced yard or on a leash.
If they get sick you will know what they have eaten to tell the vet.


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